Collection Description

Global Ecumenical Mission Studies

This collection gathers interdisciplinary studies and research work from all continents, mainly on the history and theology of Christian missions, the mission of the Church, historical and contemporary theological, anthropological, (cross-) cultural, socio-political aspects, (inter-) religious and interdenominational perspectives and developments (trends) of missionary praxis and theory in local, regional and global contexts of Church history, the modern ecumenical movement and world Christianity.

Classification Tree: Overview

          FF1    Reference Works 
          FF2    History of missions (by geographical areas)
          FF3    History of mission societies, Mission academies/study centres, and Associations of Mission studies
          FF4    Mission of the Church, Mission theory, Mission theology (by denominations)
          FF5    Institutional documents (by denominations and church families)
          FF6    World mission movements, international mission bodies, and conferences
          FF7    Themes
          FF8    Mission and World Christianity (Global mission)
          FF9    Mission and dialogue with other religions

Classification Tree: Details

          FF1    Reference Works 
                     FF11    Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
                     FF12    Bibliographies
                     FF13    Introductions
                     FF14    Handbooks/Manuals
                     FF15    Theses/Dissertations
                     FF16    Educational resources
                     FF17    Biographies of Missionaries, Mission theologians
                     FF19    Other

          FF2    History of missions (16th-21st century) [by geographical areas,subdivided by regions and/or countries]
                     FF21    Africa
                     FF22    Asia
                     FF23    Europe
                     FF24    Latin America
                     FF25    Middle East
                     FF26    North-America
                     FF27    Pacific
                     FF29    Other

          FF3    History of mission societies, Religious orders, Mission academies/study centres, and Associations of Mission studies

                     FF31   Mission societies (incl. their internationalized form of communities of churches)

                                 FF311   Basel Mission (Mission 21)
                                 FF312   CEVAA-Communauté d'églises en mission
                                 FF313   Church mission society, London (1799)
                                 FF314   Council of World Mission (CWM)
                                 FF315   Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW)
                                 FF316   London Missionary Society (1795)
                                 FF317   Société des missions évangéliques de Paris (today Defap)
                                 FF319   Other

                     FF32   Religious orders (active in missionary work)

                                 FF321   Franciscans
                                 FF322   Jesuits
                                 ....etc. (to be developed)

                     FF33   Mission academies/Study centres

                                 FF331   Missionswissenschaftliches Institut MWI, Aachen
                                 FF332   Missionsakademie Hamburg
                                 FF333   Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS)
                                 FF334   SEDOS (Rome)
                                 ....etc. (to be developed)

                     FF34   Associations of Mission studies

                                 FF341-Association francophone oecuménique de missiologie (AFOM)
                                 FF342-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft (DGFM)
                                 FF343-International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS)
                                 FF344-Central and East European Association of Mission Studies (CEEAMS)
                                 .... etc. (to be developed)

          FF4    Mission of the Church, Mission theory, Mission theology, Missionary work (by denominations)
                     FF40   Mission and unity
                     FF41   Orthodox (Eastern, Oriental)
                     FF42   Roman Catholic
                     FF43   Anglican Communion
                     FF44   Lutheran, Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational, United and Uniting
                     FF45   Methodist
                     FF46   Baptist, Adventist
                     FF47   African Independent, Instituted
                     FF48   Pentecostal, Charismatic
                     FF49   Evangelical

          FF5    Institutional documents (by denominations and church families)
                    FF50   World Council of Churches (WCC) [Statements on Mission]
                                FF501   Mission and Evangelism - An Ecumenical Affirmation (1982)
                                FF502   Together towards life-Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes  (2012)

                                FF509   Regional Ecumenical Organizations

                                              FF5091   All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)
                                              FF5092   Conference of European Churches (CEC)
                                              FF5093   Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias (CLAI)
                                              FF5094   Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)
                                              FF5095   Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)
                                              FF5096   National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC)
                                              FF5097   Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC)
                                              FF5099   Other

                    FF51   Orthodox (Eastern, Oriental)

                    FF52   Roman Catholic (Holy See, Vatican)
                                FF521   Global level
                                              FF5211   Papal Documents
                                                              FF52111   Encyclicals
                                                              FF52112   Pastoral Letters
                                                              FF52113    Papal Statements
                                              FF5212   Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
                                              FF5213   Pontifical Mission Societies
                                              FF5214   Vatican Council II
                                              FF5219   Other

                    FF53   Anglican Communion

                    FF54   Lutheran, Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational, United and Uniting

                                FF541   Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
                                FF542   World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
                                ....etc. (to be developed)

                    FF55   Methodist (incl. World Methodist Council)

                    FF56   Baptist (incl. Baptist World Alliance), Adventist

                    FF57   African Independent, Instituted (incl. Organization of African Instituted Churches OAIC)

                    FF58   Pentecostal (incl. Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship WPF), Charismatic

                    FF59   Evangelical (incl. World Evangelical Alliance WEA)

          FF6   World mission movements, international mission bodies, and conferences

                    FF61   International Missionary Council IMC (1921-1961)

                            FF611   Edinburgh (1910)
                            FF612   Jerusalem (1928)
                            FF613   Tambaram, India (1938)
                            FF614   Whitby, Canada (1947)
                            FF615   Willingen, Germany (1952)
                            FF616   Achimota, Ghana (1958)

                    FF62   World Council of Churches (Commission on World Mission and Evangelism CWME, 1961-)

                           FF621   Mexico-City, Mexico (1963)
                           FF622   Bangkok, Thailand (1972/1973)
                           FF623   Melbourne, Australia (1980)
                           FF624   San Antonio Texas, USA (1989)
                           FF625   Salvador da Bahia, Brasil (1996)
                           FF626   Athens, Greece (2005)
                           FF627   Centennial commemoration ofEdinburgh (2010)
                           FF628   Arusha, Tanzania (2018)

                    FF63   Lausanne Movement

                           FF631   Wheaton, USA (1966)
                           FF632   Berlin, Germany (1966)
                           FF633   Lausanne, Switzerland (1974)
                           FF634   Manila, Philippines (1989)
                           FF635   Cape Town, South Africa (2010)

                    FF64   Other

        FF7   Themes

                 FF70   Mission in/and the Bible [Mission-Biblical teaching]
                 FF71   Missio Dei
                 FF72   Mission and evangelism/evangelization
                 FF73   Mission and culture (Inculturation of the Gospel/Christianity, Intercultural theology)
                 FF74   Mission and gender
                 FF75   Mission and migration
                 FF76   Mission and health (Medical mission)
                 FF77   Mission and Colonialism/Decolonization/Postcolonialism
                 FF78   Mission and development (Social development goals SDGs, Human rights, Education ...etc.)
                 FF79   Urban mission/Rural mission

       FF8   Mission and World Christianity (Global mission)    

       FF9   Mission and dialogue with other religions

                 FF91   Mission and interreligious dialogue/relations
                 FF92   Mission and religious pluralism
                 FF93   Mission and conversion (Proselytizing)


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