Philosophy in Review
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Jack Reynolds. Phenomenology, Naturalism, and Science: A Hybrid and Heretical Proposal. Reviewed by
Adrian May, From Bataille to Badiou: Lignes, the preservation of Radical French Thought, 1987-2017. Reviewed by
Sandra Lapointe and Christopher Pincock, eds., Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy. Reviewed by
Jeffrey Strayer, Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction. Reviewed by
Dmitri Nikulin. The Concept of History. Reviewed by
Elizabeth Grosz, The Incorporeal: Ontology, Ethics, and the Limits of Materialism. Reviewed by
Shannon Spaulding, How We Understand Others: Philosophy and Social Cognition. Reviewed by
Martin Peterson. The Ethics of Technology: A Geometric Analysis of Five Moral Principles. Reviewed by
Andrea Gambarotto, Vital Forces, Teleology and Organization: Philosophy of Nature and the Rise of Biology in Germany. Reviewed by
Maria Baghramian and Sarin Marchetti, eds., Pragmatism and the European Traditions: Encounters with Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology before the Great Divide. Reviewed by
1 2 3 . . . 843