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null Communications Consultancy: Request for Proposal

Consultancy Purpose

Globethics has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years, reflected in a refreshed identity and vision, mission and values, as we start a new five-year strategic period this year, based on a full strategy document.

The purpose of the Consultancy is to develop and support the implementation of the communication of this new strategic phase. More specifically, the consultant/s is to:

  • Undertake the design and layout of the new Strategy document, including graphic elements, and
  • Create visual elements and key messages related to the Strategy to use in related communications on social media and on the website, for the launch and promotion.

The Strategy communication plan is in two phases: 1) the launch of the Strategy (subject of this call) and 2) the continuous development of the communication strategy and related tools (to be announced).

Context: About Globethics and the New Strategy

Globethics is an international non-governmental organisation working for ethical leadership through the integration of academic and public engagements. Registered in Geneva, Switzerland, as an independent, not-for-profit foundation with an international Board, and affiliated centres across the globe, Globethics seeks to be inclusive of diverse cultural, religious, philosophical, and humanist ethical wisdoms, and to be the bridge between the different world-views on ethical issues.

Globethics aims to equip individuals and institutions for ethical thinking, decision-making and action through higher education and policy engagement from cross-cultural and global perspectives. To achieve this goal, Globethics:

  • Empowers and equips students and professionals through higher education, including executive education programmes in ethics (as an accredited provider of online courses);
  • Develops and spreads knowledge about applied ethics through networking, collaborative research, publications and open-access resources via the leading free online library on ethics;
  • Supports ethical standard setting and implementation for institutional development; and
  • Engages with policymakers on the international, national, regional and local governmental level, and with higher education institutions, in multi-stakeholder academic and policy dialogues on global issues for transformative ethical leadership.

The organisation’s team comprises a total of 21 professionals based in its Head Office in Geneva and in other Centres in Argentina, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, and Tunisia, in addition to external consultants.


Ethical leadership for a just, inclusive, and sustainable world.


Equipping individuals and institutions for ethical thinking, decision-making and action through higher education and policy engagement from cross-cultural and global perspectives.




See our full Vision, Mission and Values and Theory of Change.

Mission Outline and Specifications

1. Design and layout of the Strategy document

We will launch the new Strategy publicly during the first week of April 2023. The Consultant is tasked with the design and layout of the Strategy document according to the following specifications:

Format: e-book and a print version
Word count: ±7300 words including charts
Charts: 12
Presentation: Balance of text, graphs/statistics and photos (photos provided by Globethics)
Colour: 4-colour throughout
Languages: English. Summary versions (of around 2000 words for each language) of the Strategy in Spanish and Arabic need to be designed too.

The Strategy document’s visual design should reflect its contents. Previous Strategy documents can be found on the full Request for Proposal.

2. Create visual elements and key messages

Create the following visual elements and key messages aligned with the Globethics new Strategy to support the launch and promotion (note that text should be in English but translatable to other languages):

- Social media – for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube targeted to each platform’s audience 

  • Header image for profile/page on each platform
  • Short slogan/tagline summarising Globethics and the Strategy/CTA targeted to each audience

- Website

  • Header image for website homepage including a short slogan/tagline summarising Globethics and the Strategy/CTA
  • Design a landing page to introduce the Strategy with the video (see below)

- Video content

  • 2 minute video introducing the Strategy (mix between filmed and animated content)


Date Deadline
19 February 2023Deadline for bid
24 February 2023Appointment of Consultant
March 2023Content submission, review, and finalisation
30 March 2023Final content submitted
3/4 April 2023Strategy launch event



Proven capacity (should be documented) in communication strategy setting, and implementation, including all of the above-mentioned fields.

Application Process

Candidates are invited to submit an offer, including a description of the process (methodology, detailed timeline, etc.), with the company portfolio and presentation of the lead person and the team members who would be involved in the project, and a detailed budget, to by 19 February 2023.

Download the full Request for Proposal.