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New Collection: Research Ethics by Disciplines

Research Ethics by Disciplines is part of Educational Collections; it is focusing on main disciplines of research and related specific ethical concern. References: CODEX, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, BMC, Husarg. 3, Uppsala. ORI, Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research.   Classification tree: Overview   ...   Read More »

Article of the month: Teachers' Perception of an Integrated Approach to Biology and Emotional Learning

Ferreira González, Laura; Thomas Hennemann; Kirsten Schlüter, "Teachers' Perception of an Integrated Approach to Biology and Emotional Learning", Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities, Vol. 22, No. 1 - 2019     Available from: ...   Read More »

Library Tip: Search theses in Library

Follow the steps and discover to search theses in Library. As an example we will search for socialists education theses and we will save them on my Zotero library 1. We go directly to Library Search and click on the tab Theses: 2. We look for doctoral theses on the topic of socialism in the...   Read More »

New collection: Research Ethics Philosophical

Research ethics philosophical focuses on the relations and differences between ethics and research, between on one side an instrumental rationality, which rules sciences and technical innovation, and the ethical dimension of the human action. It gathers documents on research understood philosophically as, on one side, a possible way to renew life, thus on research as an ethics of...   Read More »

Book chapter of the month: Education in Modern Society

Transformation of post-socialist educational systems is perhaps one of the most interesting and at the same time underestimated in its importance, developments in the history of comparative education. After the three decades of post-socialist development one can note significant differences between the countries which once had identical   Read More »
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