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null Book of the Month: Digital Humanism

Book of the Month: Digital Humanism
Springer Nature, 2022 [Accessed 28 October 2022].
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This open-access book deals with cultural and philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and pleads for a “digital humanism”. This term is beginning to be en vogue everywhere. Due to a growing discontentment with the way digitalization is being used in the world, particularly formulated by former heroes of Internet, social media and search engine companies, philosophical as well as industry thought leaders have begun to plead for a humane use of digital tools. Yet the term “digital humanism” is a particular terminology that lacks a sound conceptual and philosophical basis and needs clarification still – and this gap is exactly filled by this book. It propagates a vision of society in which digitization is used to strengthen human self-determination, autonomy and dignity and whose time has come to be propagated throughout the world. The advantage of this book is that it is philosophically sound and yet written in a way that will make it accessible to everybody interested in the subject. Every chapter begins with a film scene illustrating a precise philosophical problem with AI and how we look at it – making the book not only readable, but even entertaining. And after having read the book the reader will have a clear vision of what it means to live in a world where digitization and AI are central technologies for a better and more humane civilization.

Particularly timely considering recent developments with ChatGPT and related forms of AI, the Globethics Library Book of the Month for February 2023 explores the concept of and need for digital humanism. Find the book under Ethics Collections >> Cyber Ethics >> Digital Humanism: For a Humane Transformation of Democracy, Economy and Culture in the Digital Age.

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