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With over 3.7 million resources that are free and accessible to all registered users, the Library is the world's largest online library on ethics. To make the most of all of these diverse documents, books, articles, journals and more, it's useful to have effective library skills. To that end, the team has developed a number of library tutorials to guide users through techniques for research, referencing, and even submitting documents to their library.

In honour of International Day of Education, 24 January, this month's library tutorial helps you to discover the educational resource collections in the Library.

The  Educational Collections in the Library encompass three main collections focusing on different areas of education and their applied ethics:

Research Ethics

To find resources focusing on professional ethics and work ethics in the research profession, namely on the specific responsibilities common among researchers, try using:

Sample query: "research integrity" AND professional
Then search within this community and its collections or in one of the sub-collections, e.g. Research Ethics Professional.

Educational Resources

This collection is mainly composed of open educational resources (OER) harvested from a few OER repositories, such as Oasis, OpenStax, and OER@AVU. To browse educational resources on applied ethics in the context of a specific discipline, try searching:

Sample query: education AND "sustainable development".

Ethics in Higher Education

This collection aims to help students, teachers and higher education administrators to stay well informed on ethical issues affecting university life, and to understand how to advocate for the respective interests of all interested parties, at the institutional, state, regional and international levels. To narrow down your search, try:

Sample query: "quality education" AND "human rights".

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