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The Intercultural Ethics collection has been updated, including new Credo Reference titles, Publications, and selected journals in the field of cultural studies.

A solid perspective on intercultural ethics seeks an agreement among cultures, a rule, good practice or code of ethics or some principles of information ethics, instead of describing the multiple facets of a broad cultural relativism. Ethical understanding of linguistics and communication should, as a consequence, be closely related to intercultural awareness. Getting beyond cultural stereotypes may also be realized by a deeper knowledge of cultural identities. Geographical diversity impacts ethical practice as a complex but also as a pluralistic sign of the diversity of values. The collection on Intercultural Ethics focuses on the tension between the universality of values, as an understandable focus bound to overcome the conflicts of differing values and a finely articulated vision of the diversity of values, as a result of our personal attachment to our linguistic and cultural communities of origin.

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