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Sophie’s Voice? Dark Intertexts of The BFG
La Bible, l’homosexualité et les sciences cognitives : vers une approche interdisciplinaire de l’homosexualité
Théophraste. Enquête sur les plantes I, 1-4: Traduction
Césalpin. Sur les plantes I, 1-6 & 12-14: Traduction
No change in sight - Togo’s Political and Socio-Economic Development (2017 – 2019)
Corruption in the global era: Causes, sources and forms of manifestation
Prosecutorial Ethics in Current Times
Economic Lessons Insert the Islamic Economy : How the Interest Action in Science High School Student Majoring?
Depictions of Damnation in the Beatus Manuscripts: Painting Adoptionism as Heresy
"The Present Evil Age": The Origin and Persistence of Evil in Galatians
1 2 3 . . . 851979