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Sophie’s Voice? Dark Intertexts of The BFG
La Bible, l’homosexualité et les sciences cognitives : vers une approche interdisciplinaire de l’homosexualité
Economic Lessons Insert the Islamic Economy : How the Interest Action in Science High School Student Majoring?
Analysis of Students Critical Thinking Skills Using Partial Credit Models (PCM) in Physics Learning
Bibliotherapy with Preschool Children: A Case Study
Ethical issues in the delivery room: a field study
Governing green industrialisation in Africa: Assessing key parameters for a sustainable socio-technical transition in the context of Ethiopia
#YourAverageMuslim:Ruptural geopolitics of British Muslim women's media and fashion
Vers une finalité renouvelée de l'enseignement littéraire
Verso la nazione socialista tedesca. I discorsi nacionalista e di clase nella DDR
1 2 3 . . . 251157