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Sophie’s Voice? Dark Intertexts of The BFG
La Bible, l’homosexualité et les sciences cognitives : vers une approche interdisciplinaire de l’homosexualité
Winch, Wittgenstein and Turns to Practice:Reflections on a Missing Link
Ch.12 Napoleon and the Church
Frack Off: Climate Change, CSR, Citizen Activism and the Shaping of National Energy Policy
Controversial sports sponsorships: effects of sponsor moral appropriateness and self-team connection on sponsored teams and external benefit perceptions
نحو نموذج معاصر لمعجم المصطلحات في التشريع الجنائي الإسلامي
Continuing professional education in engineering faculties: transversal integration of sustainable human development in basic engineering sciences courses
Coordinating contracts for VMI systems under manufacturer-CSR and retailer-marketing efforts
The Impact on Job Satisfaction Level of Employees and Organizational Commitment Level of Employees of the Ethical Climate Perception: Application in ARÇELİK A.Ş. Adana and Elazığ Regional Offices
1 2 3 . . . 253801