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Prayer, providence and empire: special worship in the British World, 1783-1919
Portraits of Automated Facial Recognition: On Machinic Ways of Seeing the Face
Von Göttern und Helden : die altnordische Literatur
Die Wikinger : Entdecker und Eroberer
The final stages of the Early Bronze Age at Troy : cultural development, chronology, and interregional contacts
Troy, Baden culture and Corded Ware : correlations in the Balkan-Carpathian region at the turn of the 4th millenium BC
Neue Forschungen gegen alte Quellen
Historische Anthropologie und Sprache bei Reinhart Koselleck : geschichtliche Prognostik als Wiederkehr der "Historia magistra vitae"?
Just passing by? : investigating in the territory of the megalithic builders of the Southern European plains : the case of Azután, Toledo
The Middle Chalcolithic cultural sequence of the Troad (Northwest Anatoloa) : chronological and interregional assessment
1 2 3 . . . 8115