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New Material for Studying Pāṇini’s Grammar and Its Vedic Background
On the East Iranian Genitive Plural Ending
Mahāyāna Sūtras in Khotan
Vajrāvalī of Abhayākaragupta: Edition of Sanskrit and Tibetan Versions, by Masahide Mori
On the Growth and Composition of the Sanskrit Epics and Purāṇas: Relationship to Kāvya. Social and Economic Context, by Ivan Andrijanić and Sven Selmer (eds.)
Wörterbuch der tibetischen Schriftsprache. 1. Lieferung: ka—kun chub par byed pa up to and including 34: dwaṅ blaṅs—dharma, by Helga Uebach (Lieferung 1–2), Jampa L.Panglung (2), Petra Maurer (2–34), ...
Sprüche (Proverbia)
Al-Turabi zwischen Nachahmung (taqlīd) und Erneuerung (taǧdīd) : sein Verständnis von Islam, islamischem Staat, Menschenrechten und Dschihad
The Expulsion of Hagar
On the Pleromatic
1 2 3 . . . 175155