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Thoughts and feelings about climate change: An in-depth investigation
Framework for Military Aircraft Fleet Retirement Decisions
Freigabe ab: 15.09.2018 Strukturchemie und elektrische Leitfähigkeiten von Natriumchalkogenometallaten
Life Goes On: Psychosocial Suffering from war and healing pathways in northern Rwanda.
The interaction between formal and informal assessment of public values in strategically complex decision-making processes on renewable energy projects: a case study on the 'community' wind farm Lage ...
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Dynamics of Sandy Nearshore Inlet Systems: A case study: Katama Bay, and Santa Lucia Estuary
Sediment Pathways in San Francisco South Bay
Onboard Robust Nonlinear Control for Multiple Multirotor UAVs
Investigating politeness among IsiZulu mother tongue and non-mother tongue speakers in higher education open distance learning environment
Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Soft Skills Siswa SMK Negeri 2 Salatiga
1 2 3 . . . 33559