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Benefit your research by making the most of the library. These library tips will provide you with some hints and tricks to improve the way to use the library, improving your results and accessibility to the best open access documents on the library.

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How to search the Globethics Library

The following guidelines will help you to find your way through and get acquainted with the most important functionalities of the Globethics Library.

Read the Globethics Library Search Guide available here or watch the video.

Tips and tricks

null How to find Collections in the Library Library has just added a new Library tip video on YouTube!

Check it out to learn how to search and find different Collections of resources in the Library via various thematic topic communities.

Find the papers, publications and journals you need to optimise your research with this simple video tutorial for the Library.

Put your learning into practice by searching our library collections on ethics, education, theology, philosophy and more:

To improve the way to use the library and improve your results and accessibility to the best open-access documents, you might also be interested in:

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