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Decision Making-Raju's Dilemma - Case Study

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Decision Making-Raju's Dilemma - Case Study
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1/11/13 2:13 PM
This case study describes a real time situation faced by an employee in an organization. The names and organizations are changed as per request of the employee. The major focus of this case study is make the reader of the case to identify a stand and then "own the role" and examines the "implications of the stand or decision from various dimensions. In this, case an employee who was working in an Indian firm for long time and had a transition to a multinational organization. He is very happy with the systems followed by the organization compared to his old organization. However, when he faced with a situation that is most difficult for him to work, he wants to change to his old organization. His old organization, which had no downsizing policy, has picked it up as a strategic alternative to stray competitive. The reader is expected to solve the dilemma faced by Raju.

This case study will be suitable for students undergoing I year MBA when they are exposed to all functional areas. Similarly, it is suitable to Human Resources Practitioners with two to three years of experience.

Objectives of the case:
Concepts Involved in the case is "dilemma" faced by a person in a difficult Human Resources situation. The major objective of this case is to identify decision problem faced by Raju. For this, the reader has to use analytical skills of exploring the alternatives and arrive at a decision that has to be justified by him. It the issues such as approach avoidance conflicts if he is with Wellbonne he has to face downsizing. If he shifts to Charkraj, he has to face his old colleagues who may not accept him. He may have to do downsizing or convince his vice president not to downsize. All these issues have to be brought out by the reader to examine the issues, identify a stand and adhere to the stand.
The complete case study may be downloaded from:

RE: Decision Making-Raju's Dilemma - Case Study
6/18/16 11:20 AM as a reply to Prabhakar Krishnamurthy.
Really very post. I like it. According to me decision making cannot be taught it's something you develop from past experiences whether it be something you experienced or watched. Some people are better at learning from their past than others, some people will just have bad decision making their whole lives.
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