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I am pleased to send you herewith Preview of my book published through
Amazon Kindle titled Inactivity Based Cost Management: IBCM - Subtitled:
Measurement of Intangible: Governance, Ethical & Fiscal Responsibility and
Until the discovery of Zero, as a number on its own right imagine how the
people were struggling without it as a number. In Governance that is the
same story even now. This book is the finding of the intangible and its
application to Governance. It will change the entire gamut of reporting
system enabling Governance as the primary watchdog effectively.
Please do have a look at the Preview and would be indeed grateful if you
could circulate the same to your team, as this is the first time People will
be truly given an authority as to what they have to know and how. I shall be
waiting for your comments and further course of action.
The purpose of the book and my mission statement stated therein is:
Establish IESB - International Ethical Standards Board, in the same line as
IASB - International Accounting Standards Board. Your active participation
in the said objective will be of immense value added to the task
accomplishment of the goal set.
Kodaikanal, India
Attachments: Preview_IBCM_020910.pdf (474.4k)