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行业潜规则研究/The Study of Industry’s Potential Rules

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行业潜规则研究/The Study of Industry’s Potential Rules
corporate social responsibility 2008 winning paper
2/22/13 9:22 AM



关键词:潜规则 博弈 奶业产业

The Paper “The Study of Industry’s Potential Rules”, written by Zhang Xicai from Ren Min University of China, is the Second Prize of 2008 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Study on Unspoken Rules of the Industry
—Case Study on Dairy Industry in China

Abstract: this paper takes the Sanlu milk powder incident as the breakthrough and makes case study on diary industry in China. It sorts the competition between stakeholders, like central government, local governments, diary industries, consumers and social media etc. This paper holds that the emergence of unspoken rules in industry is due to the fact that powerful interest groups compete with weak interest groups through collusion during the economic transition. The emergence of unspoken rules of industry is directly related to government’s preference of increased quantity, industrial information gaps, lack of industrial culture and industrial management disorder. From the point of the author, government should strengthen the governance in diary industry, companies should enhance their social responsibility and improve industrial culture construction and scholars should transfer their research from industrial efficiency to industrial development.

Keywords: unspoken rules; competition; diary industry
Attachments: Study on Unspoken Rules of the Industry.pdf (260.2k), The Study of Industry’s Potential Rules.pdf (260.2k)