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The Ethics of Cell Phone Advertising

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The Ethics of Cell Phone Advertising
corporate social responsibility 2008 winning paper
2/18/13 2:09 PM
由北京邮电大学谢虹同学撰写的论文《The Ethics of the Cell Phone Advertising》,荣获2008年对外经济贸易大学国际经济伦理研究中心举办的大学生企业社会责任征文大赛最佳英文论文奖,全文请参考附件。

The Paper “The Ethics of the Cell Phone Advertising”, written by Xie Hong from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, is the Best English Paper Award of 2008 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

The Ethics of Cell Phone Advertising

Abstract: Cell phone advertising has become familiar to subscribers. Due to its accuracy (personality), interaction and efficiency, cell phone advertising is entirely different from traditional mass media. It has both benefits and defects. This paper lists some of its apparent ethic problems including privacy offenses, abundant junk messages, deception and incompleteness of the advertising model. Each problem will be given some instructions and examples. Then there are solutions aimed at reducing or even eliminating above-mentioned problems. The article suggests several solutions on 4 aspects. Each aspect starts from 5 roles in the industry: the government, the information providers, the operators, and the subscribers. With the cooperation and self-control of every member in the industry chain, cell phone advertising will have a prosperous future and positive ethic effect on the whole society.

Key words: ethic, cell phone advertising, privacy offenses, junk messages, deception, advertising model, database marketing
Attachments: The Ethics of Cell Phone Advertising.pdf (224.4k)