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我国银行业社会责任评价体系的建立/Establishing an Evaluation System for Banks’ Fulfillment o

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我国银行业社会责任评价体系的建立/Establishing an Evaluation System for Banks’ Fulfillment o
2009 winning paper corporate social responsibility
3/15/13 8:23 AM




The Paper “Establishing an Evaluation System for Banks’ Fulfillment of Social Responsibility”, written by Yang Zhongliu from University of International Business and Economics, is the Award of Best Research of 2009 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Establishing an Evaluation System for Banks’ Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

Abstract: Corporate social responsibility is the combination of policies and practices concerning the relationship between enterprises and main stakeholders as well as values, observing law and discipline, respecting people, community and environment. It is a kind of commitment made by enterprises to improve the life quality of stakeholders and to push forward sustained development. Enterprises’ active fulfillment of social responsibility is conducive to the harmonious development of economy and society. Banks are the biggest financial institution in China. If they can actively shoulder social responsibility, not only their own development but also the overall level of performing corporate social responsibility in China can be improved, thus elevating China’s international status.
The thesis establishes an efficient system for evaluating banks’ fulfillment of social responsibility in China to strengthen relevant theoretic basis and supervise them performing social responsibility. Based on proper indexes and corresponding weights, the thesis provides quantitative analysis of social responsibility through grading and rankings in which the fulfillment of banks’ social responsibility is reflected. Therefore, banks are motivated to voluntarily shoulder social responsibility.
Literature review, questionnaire survey, data analysis, process analysis, case study and result simulation are adopted in the thesis. Firstly, the understanding of the topic is presented through literature review to define the research area. Then, corresponding evaluation system is established through questionnaire survey, data analysis and process analysis. At last, based on case study, result simulation, and the obtained data, the efficiency and the practicability of the result is examined through the evaluation system in which the result is simulated.
The system for evaluating social responsibility has great realistic significance. At the same time, defects including inadequate number of indexes and samples and narrow range of research still occur in the thesis. I hope the following research will make up for this.

Keywords: banking industry; corporate social responsibility; equator principle; process analysis; evaluation system
Attachments: Establishing an Evaluation System.PDF (209.3k)