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建立企业生存发展与履行社会责任的中介/Establishment of Intermediary between Survival and Devel

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建立企业生存发展与履行社会责任的中介/Establishment of Intermediary between Survival and Devel
2010 winning paper corporate social responsibility
3/15/13 9:14 AM




The Paper “Establishment of Intermediary between Survival and Development of Enterprise and Fulfillment of Social Responsibility”, written by Chen Degang from Hubei University, is the Second Prize of 2010 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Establishment of Intermediary between Survival and Development of Enterprise and Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

Abstract: during recent years, many theories concerning business ethics have gradually attracted more and more attention with great achievements. However, among so many business ethics theories, some of them are utilitarian by placing too much emphasis on reputation and popularity of the company, while some of them are unpractical for overemphasis on enterprises’ selfless devotions. They do not achieve a reasonable balance between enterprise’s pursuit of development and fulfillment of social responsibility. In other words, finding an appropriate intermediary could protect enterprises from sustaining loss because of fulfillment of social responsibility, enhance profitability and competitiveness and potential capacity in the future competition, and occupy more market vacuum areas which have long been overlooked. This thesis takes the mutual interaction between large and medium SOEs and enterprises of poor areas as example, and analyzes the necessity and possibility of the mutual interaction, difficulties arising during the cooperation, and specific ways to implement the interaction. Through the analysis, this thesis explains many problems about the intermediary between the survival and development of enterprise and fulfillment of social responsibility, in an effort to make contributions to the realization of business ethics.

Keywords: survival and development of enterprise; social responsibility; intermediary
Attachments: Establishment of Intermediary.pdf (171.9k)