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企业履行资源环境责任与可持续发展/Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustain

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企业履行资源环境责任与可持续发展/Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustain
2010 winning paper corporate social responsibility
3/15/13 9:32 AM




The Paper “Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development”, written by Ye Zhiwei from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, is the Winner’s Prize of 2010 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Abstract: China has scored great achievements during the past thirty years since the reform and opening up. The economy has rapidly developed at the growth rate from 8% to 10% and the total volume of China’s GDP ranks second in the world. China’s rise catches the world’s attention. However, the high growth of GDP is supported by traditional industrial model of economic development featured by high investment, high consumption and high pollution. Consequently it gives rise to increasingly severe environmental problems. As the main drive to push economic development, enterprises should be required to actively perform environmental responsibility and realize sustainable development. At the same time, fulfillment of responsibility toward resources and environment is also the subjective initiative of enterprise to realize sustainable development. The enterprise which actively fulfills its responsibility toward resources and environment could better cope with outside challenges, turn the challenges into opportunities, realize sustainable development and advance the progress of harmonious society.

Keywords: corporate responsibility toward resources and environment; questionnaire survey; sustainable development
Attachments: Fulfillment of CSR and Sustainable Development.pdf (395.5k)