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乡村银行信用机制在中国金融信用体系的可行性分析/The Localization of the Grameen Credit System in Ch

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由对外经济贸易大学常聪、刘津宇、杨晓晨同学撰写的论文《乡村银行信用机制在中国金融信用体系的可行性分析》,荣获2010年对外经济贸易大学国际经济伦理研究中心举办的第四届大学生企业社会责任征文大赛William Valentino奖,全文请参考附件。


The Paper “The Localization of the Grameen Credit System in China”, written by Chang Cong, Liu Jinyu and Yang Xiaochen from University of International Business and Economics, is the William Valentino Prize of 2010 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

The Localization of the Grameen Credit System in China

Abstract:The idea of establishing ‘the bank for the poor’ advocated by Yunus has aroused worldwide attention these years. The micro-credit system, one component in rural finance credit system targeted at the poor and small-scaled enterprises provides precious enlightenments to China as for boosting the agricultural economy and supporting start-up small enterprises. However, its promotion is not as smooth as expected. Micro-credit model is facing dilemma in the process of localization for a series of reasons not only on the political and institutional level but also on the organizational and social level. This article is aimed at elaborating on the credit system of the Grameen Bank founded by Yunus and the application of the ‘bank for the poor’ in China. Additionally, pros and cons are analyzed concerning the localization of the credit system and suggestions are presented for its further development. Finally, it is given what banks, enterprises and other market participants should do to fulfill duties of the development of the rural finance credit system.

Keywords: Grameen bank the micro-credit system the localization
Attachments: The Localization Of The Grameen—Credit System In China.pdf (322.8k)

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