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Transnational Operations — China’s Answer

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Transnational Operations — China’s Answer
2010 winning paper corporate social responsibility
3/15/13 9:43 AM
由天津大学刘大建同学撰写的论文《Transnational Operations — China’s Answer》,荣获2010年对外经济贸易大学国际经济伦理研究中心举办的第四届大学生企业社会责任征文大赛最佳英文奖,全文请参考附件。

The Paper “Transnational Operations — China’s Answer”, written by Liu Dajian from Tianjin University, is the Best English Award of 2010 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Transnational Operations — China’s Answer

Abstract: In the past three decades, China's economy has maintained rapid growth. Corporations in China, both state-owned and private ones, face the “going out” issue. Today, China's position in the world economy continuously rises. Its participation is turning into a comprehensive, wide-area and high level form. It is urgent for Chinese managers to find their own way to take new role in the global competition. To China, transnational management is a relatively new topic. There is a wealth of foreign experiences, but it is a complex problem for Chinese managers
  • to promote and make application of China's own business philosophy,
  • to demonstrate China’s management characteristics,
  • And to deal with inter-cultural understanding and integration issues.
In our era, fulfillment of social responsibility draws public attention both in domestic and international community, and is an evaluation criterion for an enterprise. Nevertheless, Chinese enterprises are lack of knowledge of their social responsibility. In the process of transnational business, due to the neglect of corporate image building, Chinese corporations often fail in following standards set by the local government, leave local people bad impression and even hurt the feelings of the host country staff. These problems lead to business failure. In this paper we will analyze China's domestic and international business cases in recent years. We will find out some of the business ideas, foreign business mode, and fulfillment of social responsibility, as well as cultural exchange with the local public from the cases. We hope to gain experience and lessons that can inspire Chinese managers. We will also discover some solutions and guidance from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy.

Keywords: transnational operation, CSR, Confucianism
Attachments: Transnational operations—China's answer.pdf (254.9k)