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信用经济视野下企业社会责任的新内涵——信用责任/信用经济视野下企业社会责任的新内涵——信用责任/A New Connotation of Corpor

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The Paper “A New Connotation of Corporate Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Credit Economy—Fiduciary Responsibility”, written by Cong Yiwen from China University of Political Science and Law, is the Third Prize of 2010 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

A New Connotation of Corporate Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Credit Economy—Fiduciary Responsibility

Abstract: In different stages and under different national conditions, connotation of CSR is dynamic different. Based on features of specific times, this report proposes that connotation of CSR in the new period should include fiduciary responsibility, and analyzes the three characteristics of fiduciary responsibility. This report analyzes the importance of fiduciary responsibility to enrich CSR based on the stakeholder theory and pyramid model of hierarchical theory. It also proposes several points to explore CSR from the perspective of economy based on features of time and enterprises’ fiduciary responsibility, establishing administrative department to manage social responsibility, strengthening the supervision of public media on corporate fiduciary responsibility, making full use of NGO and other third sectors to involve the corporate fiduciary responsibility into credit database, improving rewarding and punishing mechanism for corporate fiduciary responsibility by concerning laws and regulations.

Keywords: credit economy; fiduciary responsibility; CSR
Attachments: A New Connotation of Corporate Social Responsibility.pdf (449.7k)