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企业的起源、边界与超边界—中国企业社会责任论析/Origin, boundary and beyond-boundary of Chinese Ent

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The Paper “Origin, boundary and beyond-boundary of Chinese Enterprises-Analysis on the Corporate Social Responsibility in China”, written by Li Gaoyang from Zhejiang University and Zhou Xinming from Peking University, is the Third Prize of 2011 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Origin, boundary and beyond-boundary of Chinese Enterprises
-Analysis on the Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Abstract: Everything has its boundary. It is easier to talk about relationship between different things with clear boundaries, like the relationship between corporations and their social responsibilities. This thesis contains three parts. The first part mainly talks about the origin and roles of Chinese enterprises based on the emergence and development of China’s market economy. The uniqueness of Chinese market economy is that it is transformed from planned economy under the guidance of government, and it is still intervened by the government. The second part mainly talks about the special roles Chinese enterprises play in the social transformation, as well as the social responsibilities they assume. I think the social responsibilities that corporations should take should be to create profit, and maintain the market economy order, in which the boundary of corporations lies. The third part talks about the special meaning that traditional Chinese morality has to Chinese entrepreneur and enterprises. The particularity of Chinese morality is that, though Chinese people usually do not have religious belief, they form a set of cultural tradition with religious flavor which promote individual morality. If the entrepreneur could improve the realm of life through effective moral cultivation, they could lead their corporations to cross the boundary. That is in addition to assume the social role to create profits; they could actively handle the lack of social responsibility due to the special political and economic environment in China. The social responsibility should be assumed by the organizations which could not fully play its role.

Keywords: incentive mechanism; creation of profit; realm of life
Attachments: Origin, boundary and beyond-boundary of Chinese Enterprises.pdf (267.4k)