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we need power
1/21/14 5:21 PM
Hello All,

Power should be limited? Not so sure.
Men can stand adversity, but in order to self-reflect and understand the meaning of one's self-development: each person needs power. This is at least a subjective and very partial reason why I am not sure if I agree with the general principle that all power should be limited. A distinction between the power as 'power-over' and power as 'power-to' should be introduced. Let's recall that in some language: to empower has a simple and positive meaning (as in Hungarian, in English); in other languages, ideological connotations could draw confusion (as in German). Since power is self-concentration it is difficult to admit limitation as an analytical feature of power. I am not sure if conservation with Spinoza or the external expression of overabundance according to natural sciences is better inspired in order to reflect on the descriptive meaning of power. I would mention commensalism in animal ethology as a good example of a need for communication even across species. Is power a gift, something we can share? We should perhaps observe some philosophical reflections on collective organisation from the domain of natural sciences in the area of viruses, where the capacity for an living entity to host many others is a key feature. As passionate reader in ethics, I suggest to come back to natural law history: I would find attractive to look for further reflections on the relation between duty and power, power and utility, power and self-realisation.