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People who torture others should be made responsible for the abuse.

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By Anneli Reigas

Compassion is love and care towards other humans. Seven years ago in autumn 2009 my 26-year old son Oliver Rõigas fall a victim of massive involuntary drugging at the biggest hospital in Tallinn, Estonia where he perished after 3 weeks of brutal abuse.

It was only years later when I learned  from medical records that a complete stranger, former communist doctor Aadu L. whose existense was not even known neither to my son nor me had been giving (illegal) drug orders to nurses for 10 years, instead of treating doctor. It turned out from medical records that Russian nurse Oksana G. had started to sedate my son from first evening at hospital without informed consent. No medical plan existed. Among other drugs with possible horrible side effects even brain affecting Haloperidol - Soviet era well known torture drug - had been administered to Oliver several times in massive amount. Hours before I came to hospital to take me son away as we had agreed to change the hospital or go home my son had been illegally drugged at hospital with strong narcotics Fentanyl and the planned switch of hospital cancelled (he had not been given any painkillers bcs he had had no pain, Fentanyl was just given to sedate him).
All attempts to leave the hospital were postponed for various reasons and then just blocked. Finally,  the very same Russian nurse OKsana G. administered secretly 4 different blood pressure lowering/heart affecting drugs simultanously, that was followed by irregular breathing half an hour later, then sharp decline of blood pressure, stop of independent breathing and coma - all in 2 hours since the simultanous attack with different drugs by the nurse Oksana G. Next day my son was left without any drug, incl antibiotics illegally by the order of Dr Tiiu P. despite he had been diagnosed with two-side bacterial pneumonia and two days later after I was suddenly forced to leave the hospital before midnight his breathing mashine was switched off after that. The later claim that it was done upon decision of medical council turned out to be fake - no medical council valid decisions even existed.

Do we live in Europe? NOBODY has been made responsible for those crimes in seven years. All doctors and nurses involved, even the nurse Oksana G and dr Aadu L. who were most brutal have been allowed to work on in the hospital without any punishment for the enournous abuse and torture at the government supervsed Estonian hospital. The council of the hospital had been chaired by former Social Minister, another former Soviet era doctor. Social Minister Hanno Pevkur and several other high rank Estonian officials got involved to shut the case down.

For the Estonian government the cover up of this crime has been more important for seven years than the safety of people who have ended up in hands of the same doctors and nurses. It has been tradition from Soviet era that several doctors and nurses act without informed consent of patients and believe its normal. Giving someone medications secretly is not a cure, its poisoning and and chemical torture because the drugs often have possible horrible side effects and people have right to know what is inserted inside them.

We will not achieve more compassionate world when we dont make people who abuse and torture other human beings responsible for their actions.

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