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null Towards an Ecumenical Theology of Companionship

A Study Document for the Ecumenical Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace
Series number: PJP No. 3
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Since 2014, the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace-Theological Study Group (PJP-TSG) and the Reference Group of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP-RG) have been on a pilgrimage, visiting various countries and communities around the world, followed by study and reflection on what it means for churches to be on a pilgrimage of justice and peace today.
During the pilgrimage stations, four central themes have emerged, each raised in different ways by the diverse hosting communities, yet establishing themselves little by little as interpretative keys and pointing to a common agenda for the ecumenical Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace:
             1. Truth and Trauma
             2. Land and Displacement
             3. Gender Justice
             4. Racism

    Due to the devastating global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that revealed so much injustice in our world, in all our communities, and within the ecumenical community, a fifth theme was added; health and healing. At each station of our pilgrimage, the PJP-RG and the PJP-RG— after listening carefully—revisited the themes and reflected on them theologically in light of an emerging Ecumenical Theology of Companionship. This document—composed by the “pilgrims” in dialogue with the communities—presents these findings and reflections for broader sharing in the global ecumenical fellowship.