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null Strategic plan for worldwide ethical leadership launched by Globethics

Ethical leadership through higher education and global engagement aids the quest for a just, sustainable and inclusive world, the worldwide family of Globethics heard at its new strategy launch.

The Strategy 2023-2027 was launched on 5 April 2023 in a hybrid global ceremony celebrated simultaneously online and in Globethics Centres around the world: Geneva, Bangalore, Yogyakarta, Nairobi, Accra, and Buenos Aires, with the participation of the two new regional Centres in South Africa and Tunisia.

Under the slogan ‘Navigating life’, Globethics launches this new Strategy as a symbol of hope for the future. It is particularly relevant in the face of widespread uncertainty, highlighted in the 2022 United Nations Human Development Report entitled Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives. In his welcome remarks, Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Founder and President of Globethics, noted: “A majority of people on earth live day by day fearful in uncertainty. Many are uprooted and without orientation. Being rooted in values, convictions and faith is crucial”.

Prof. Dr Fadi Daou, Globethics Executive Director, explained that together, Globethics, its participants, partners, and stakeholders are undertaking global engagement for a better world based on three pillars.

First, innovation for transformative impact, with further involvement of Globethics in research and policy dialogue, cultivating thought leadership. Second, resource mobilisation for sustainable change, aiming to raise, with partners from the private and public sectors, 22 million US dollars for the successful implementation of the full strategy, thanking the Linsi Foundation for its substantial contribution to this plan. Third, empowering communication, with a people-based narrative, making ethical leadership a transformative power of hope. In this regard, Daou announced the launch of the Globethics Award for Ethical Leadership, with its first edition in 2024.

Members of Globethics from around the world, including Board members, ethics experts, students, authors and course instructors, shared impact stories from their diverse contexts and revealed the four thematic priorities around which the Strategy pivots:

“Ethics is at the heart of quality assessment in higher education”, said Globethics Academic Dean, Prof. Dr Amélé Ekué of Priority 1: Ethics and Standards in Higher Education. She explained that education is a universal language of empowerment and hope, and that all people could aspire to transform their lives and communities with education.

There is no sustainability without environmental justice, said Rev. Dr Jose Nandhikkara from Bangalore in India, introducing Priority 2: Ethics of Sustainability and Environmental Justice. “Globethics is committed to protecting and promoting the integrity of creation and environmental justice”, he stated.

Dr Erin Green in Belgium from Pax Christi International spoke on Priority 3: Ethics of Digital and Emerging Technologies, putting it in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, which has revealed far-reaching impacts on the conduct of individual and collective lives. “Globethics is aware of the acute challenges the emerging technologies bear concerning leading lives in freedom, respect of dignity and broadest possible societal participation”, said Green.

Priority 4: Ethics of Inclusive Peace and Responsible Governance was introduced by Dr Dicky Sofjan from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. “In the divided society we live in today, with the rise of conservatism, populism and identity politics, ‘ethics of inclusive peace’ becomes imperative”, he said, inviting collaboration to challenge polarisation and work together for a peaceful, flourishing society.

“Global governance and good intentions are incapable of preventing greedy practices”, added Kamel Ayadi, speaking from Tunisia as representative of the new Globethics MENA Centre (Tunis), as he highlighted the need for “responsible governance and authentic ethical leadership… because they value integrity over compliance”.

Alongside the priorities of the Strategy, the targets that Globethics aims to achieve by the end of the strategic period in 2027 were shared. Among these ambitious objectives are engaging some 1000 higher education, civil society, faith-based, and international organisations with the priorities; reaching more than 2 million users of Globethics Library and Publications resources; thousands of students and leaders benefiting from the offered courses and executive training, and hundreds of policymakers committing to the priorities.

Work towards these targets was already in action at the launch event, which included dedicated moments for participants to reflect on the new Strategy. Interactive polls during the ceremony inspired dialogue around the four thematic priorities, and fruitful conversations followed, resulting in promising future partnerships and learning opportunities.

Globethics invites all to ‘Join the journey’ to work together towards ethical leadership, for the common good.

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