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ACAP III National Workshops: a new paradigm shift in assets management

Money growing, together with Bröt Fur die Welt and the local partners organised, two workshops on Strengthening Assets Management and Ethical Investment Capacities in Accra, Ghana (13-14 November) and Lusaka, Zambia (19-20 November).
Both workshops are part of the African Church Assets Programme (ACAP). A programme that has been running since 2016. This year, a first general workshop was organised in May in Nairobi, Kenya, for Church Related Organisations (CROs) in all the African countries. It was an orientation and capacity building workshop focused on what ethical investments are, identification of church funds that would have potential for and be attractive to external investors.
The two national workshops which happened in November are the follow-up to the Nairobi workshop. The participants in Ghana and Zambia had the opportunity to showcase their improvements following the May workshop. The role of in these workshops is to accompany and provide guidance to the CROs through their evolution.

Ghana Workshop

ACAP III National Workshop

During 13-14 November 2019 at the Trinity College in Accra, together with the Kingdom Equip Network brought together CROs, government officials and civil society representatives. The aim was to introduce a new paradigm shift into the thinking of assets management and investment by CROs.
The visit to Ghana also provided the opportunity to visit different educational institutions, such as Ashesi, the leading university in Ghana, or the Association of African Universities, a network of various universities within Africa to promote and facilitate networking, collaboration and experience sharing in teaching, learning and research. 

Zambia workshop

ACAP III National Workshop

Five days after the Ghana workshop, on 19 November, a second national ACAP III National Workshop took place at the Melism Lodge in Lusaka, Zambia. Again organised by through its local partners Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation and United Church of Zambia with the same target.
On this occasion, Eastern Regional Programme Executive, Herbet Makinda, was present to share his experience of the Kenyan workshop with more than seven African countries, among which was Zambia.
The workshop demonstrated the challenges face by Zambia—a landlocked country—which include the influence of China on the Zambian economy and local resources and the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, like uranium.
The visit to Zambia enabled to meet with the Theological education extension in Zambia and to agree for future collaborations.