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Book launch: Ethics of Inclusion and Equality Vol. 3

The book launch of Ethics of Inclusion and Equality: An Indian Anthology of Cases. Vol 3 was hosted online by Santosh Gnanakan, ACTS group of Institutions on 17 February 2021 with participants from all over the world. The book launch included special performances, prayers,  gratitude and praise from recipients to the author, John Mohan Razu.

Dr Jose Nandikara, Regional Director of India was one of the recipients. He praised the author for his work and noted that ‘equality is not possible without the universal realisation of solidarity.' Dr Jose Nandikara emphasised the need for liberty, equality and fraternity, all reflected within this book. Similarly, Publications Manager, Dr Ignace Haaz praised the author for his work, contributing the 3rd volume to the Readers Series. He went on to compliment the quality of the author's methodology and writing, and applauded him for ‘standing up and speaking out about important issues' , making reference on how the book advocates for social justice in India.  The author John Mohan Razu expressed his heart-felt thanks and promised to continue to keep writing, and to use his platform to draw attention back to the important issues.

If you missed the online book launch, you can watch the recording here. 

Learn more about the book:
Razu's latest publication is the 3rd Volume in the Readers series, titled 'Ethics of Inclusion and Equality: An Indian Anthology of Cases'.This collection differs from other anthologies on equality and inclusion and thus diametrically opposes inequality and exclusion with its major focus on applied issues. By incorporating case studies, facts and figures that candidly show the relation between questions of equality and issues concerning poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, caste, class, race, gender, exclusion, inequality and host of others within and between the countries. This anthology demonstrates that there is indeed a relationship between theoretical discussions of equality and the central socio-economic, politi-cocultural and religious problems facing India and the world at large to-day.


You can download it for free today simply click here.


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