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Human Dignity in Managing Employees

 Tibor Héjj: Human Dignity in Managing Employees book cover

Author: Tibor Héjj

ISBN: 978-2-88931-280-1
Series number: Theses No. 32
Publication: 2019

The Academic, Church and Business sectors have been three independent worlds for too long. Only recently have the ideas and theories of one segment started to develop and generate a strong and acknowledged impact on the other sectors, cross-fertilizing each other. The aim of this thesis is to summarize how it is possible to derive from theology the kind of philosophical anthropology which can serve as a basis for the right management theory together with its implementation. It is based on the Church's Catholic Social Teaching (CST), specifically on its prime pillar of "human dignity", together with the related academic disciplines, while providing a useful performative approach for those in business. The conclusion is an alternative, holistic system, that considers the employees as persons, rather than economic factors.


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