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Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education

Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education Cover

Policy, Skills and Resources. International Conference Report 2018

ISBN: 978-2-88931-288-7
Series number: Reports
Publication: 2019

Following the development of's new Strategy, Vision and Mission, the International Conference 2018 came as an honest contribution to the urgent search for solutions to a world noticeably and without doubt in disarray, as problems continue to mount. ‘How can we translate and make ethics practically present and relevant in the classroom and lives of students, teachers and professionals who emerge from higher education institutions?' More than 100 teachers, policy makers, research fellows, vice-chancellors, ethics and scientific institutions, consultants, NGOs, IGOs and other stakeholders gathered from all over the world during three days to answer this question. The conference took place on 4–6 June 2018 at the Château de Bossey in the county of Vaud, Switzerland. This book is structured into two parts: the first is composed of discussions and ethical puzzles meant to bring breakthrough insights from the International Conference on ethics in higher education; the second part features selected papers that disclose the conference proceedings.


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