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New collection: Gender and Theology

Gender is a term which is used to denote "a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female" (Oxford Dict., OUP), but which...   Read More »

Book of the month: Toward a Shared, Sustainable Future

Please check this month's book selected from the Library, available on our library for free   Read More »

India - National Conference on Ethics in Higher Education in colaboration with the Department of Political Science of Madras Christian College and the Journal of Dharma is organised a National Conference on Ethics in Higher Education from...   Read More »

Network Overview 2018 - Living ethics, the holistic approach

The International Conference in June 2018 brought together more than 100 different stakeholders through its events and partnerships in 2018 has shown...   Read More »

Ethics of Inclusion and Equality. vol. 2 Economy, Education, Religion

The literature of this publication reflects a trend sweeping the world as of 2018: the sucess of far-right conservative politics as a reaction to liberal appeasement politics, identity politics and...   Read More »

Library Overview 2018 - Building capacities through access to knowledge

The Library Team, committed for open and global access to knowledge   2018 has been an important and rich year for the growth of Library...   Read More » Newsletter No 10/2018

Last newsletter of 2018! Read Obiora Ike's editorial wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and an analisis of what has worked on during the year: Building...   Read More »

Publications Overview 2018 - Empowering authors around the world

Between January and November 2018, has published 20 books that address a range of important themes including the topics of cyber ethics (Global series no. 17), the ethics of...   Read More »

Academy Overview 2018 - Transforming Institutions and Teaching Methods

Participants at the training-of-trainers at the University of South Africa in September 2018 Workshops and Staff Training During 2018 the Academy...   Read More » for Inclusive Education participated in a conference that promotes balanced and inclusive education organised by partnering organisation Education Relief Foundation (ERF).   Read More »
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