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null “No life without water”: India plans for Saving Water


As part of a wider initiative to implement Water Ethics principles and guidelines following a consultation in 2019, India’s regional programme planning meeting, held 11 February 2022 at the TRENDS Centre Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, set the agenda for the year’s programme on Saving Water.

Eighteen leaders attended the meeting representing trade unions, college students, women’s groups, NGOs and water management services. After welcoming the group following a long break between meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions, Rev. Belly introduced the subject of water ethics against the worldwide impact of climate change, the damage created by severe cyclones globally, and specific issues affecting India and, in particular, Tamilnadu.

Mr Govindaraj, a water expert and activist, gave a presentation contextualising water issues around the world. There can be no life without water. It is vital for human survival, and yet, water sources are dwindling and there is a lack of awareness about the threat of this bleak future. People are fighting for water, water is being commercialised, privatised, contaminated and used irresponsibly. In India, people face social discrimination when it comes to access to water. An action plan is required to deal with these issues and guarantee equal access to clean water.

 The programme planning meeting agreed that the group will meet every month to plan local action on Saving Water. As well as organising the presentation of an economic, social and political analysis of water-related news at the next meeting, which will be held on 11 March in Coimbatore, several events were planned for the coming months. 

A padayatra (walking rally) will be organised to meet the riverside people in Coimbatore District in April and May. A two-day state-level seminar focusing on “Saving Water” has also been proposed for June-July 2022. Rev. Belly will coordinate the programme with the support of Mr Govindaraj and Ms Saroja. Through the various initiatives of this long-term action plan, India and its partners hope to raise awareness of water-related issues and provide solutions to resolve them.

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