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null 8th International Conference of the International Development Ethics Association, December 2-4, 2009

Ethics of Human Development and Global Justice: Responsibilities of Institutions and Citizens for Action on Poverty

Valencia, Spain, 2 - 4 December 2009
Organized by THE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ETHICS ASSOCIATION (IDEA) with Universitat de Valencia, Universitat Jaume I de Castello, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Fundacion ETNOR
Official Languages:Spanish and English


On paper, most countries in the world have made commitments to reducing poverty and realizing human rights, including the right to development. The point of departure of this conference is that these commitments can be accomplished only if political, economic and educational institutions -as well as citizens- take responsibility for acting on poverty. The main objective of this international conference is to analyze the reflective responsibilities of these various actors.

Achieving human development increasingly demands the joint work of political, economic and solidarity-building institutions and organizations. Also, it demands an active citizenship aware of the problem of poverty in its diverse dimensions. THe premise of this conference is that no one should remain indifferent to the lack of freedom implied by conditions of extreme poverty or the impossiblity for many people in the planet to fully develop their capabilites. The objective of the conference is to advance towards determining which responsibilities should be taken by eac of the relevant actors in human development. It aims to gather intellectuals, educators, policy makers and practitioners to reflect about what are the fundamental demands of development ethics and global justice in their respective roles and tasks. They will be asked to reflect also on the means that may promote education for development and to share their experiences in their fight against poverty, with a special focus on the relations between theory and practice.

Plenary Speakers

Enrique Iglesias, Francis Stewart, Des Gasper, Georges Enderle, Guillermo Hoyos, Flavio Comim, Gustavo Pereira, Asuncion St.Clair, David Crocker, Jay Drydyk and Sabina Alkire (yet to be confirmed).

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