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null A Living Symbol for Continuing to Improve: Accredited by the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation Academy is working continuously for the enhancement of the quality of its educational offer. The team understands course development, course design and the establishment of a robust quality framework as core objectives to being able to deliver an online programme that responds to the needs of its participants and satisfies the highest possible standards of quality.

In this context, is currently pursuing a dual institutional accreditation process with two international accreditation agencies, of which the first with the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation (EAHEA) has been successfully concluded in December 2021.

EAHEA is an international quality assurance, rating, and accreditation agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of educational organisations all over the world. With its global network of experts, EAHEA grants accreditation to educational institutes, vocational institutions, distance learning centres, corporations, professionals, and qualified individuals.

EAHEA’s award of institutional accreditation status to assures stakeholders, and in particular, the student body and the wider interested audience, that educational programmes, policies and procedures are on a par with global standards. We were inspired to hear that the agency has noted in its accreditation audit report, that the “… support facilities and international document services provided by the institution are high in quality and immensely student-friendly.” This motivates us to continuously improve as we are moving forward.

For us, our institutional accreditation is not a formality, but an integral part of our self-understanding as a learning organisation: learning ourselves on how we can enhance our performance and services, and providing a conducive environment for others in their ambition to furthering their education in ethics. We want to grow and we perceive quality as the critical driver of our growth. And we want our participants to experience our organisation as a provider of online executive education in ethics for societal transformation. In order to achieve this goal, we endeavour to align course design, learner and instructor accompaniment with a constant evaluation process. understands this accreditation award, therefore, not so much as an achievement or the end of a process, but as a beginning. It constitutes certainly a strong encouragement to persevere in our commitment to delivering qualitative and accessible online continuing education for all. It stands as a living symbol for what our mandate, our mission and values call us to: promoting ethics in higher education for a world in which we want to live together.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean