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null Arigatou International Celebrates 10 Years of Learning to Live Together Programme

Arigatou International, partner, is celebrating this year the 10th Anniversary of their Learning to Live Together Programme. They are inviting us to celebrate in ten different ways their many achievements, collaboration and experiences that they have built during the last ten years. 

1. Apply for the Global Awards

These awards have been designed to recognize the great contributions of children, facilitators, trainers, and organizations to Learning to Live Together. Learn more

2. Organise a Celebratory Meetup

Organize an event in your community to further spread the word about the Learning to Live Together Programme and to reconnect with the beneficiaries and partners of ethics education for children. Organise your Meetup

3. Share how you are implementing the Learining to Live Together Programme on social media using #LTLT10years

4. Ask children and youth to create a cartoon strip portraying what "learning to live together" means to them and share it with us at

5. Participate in forum discussions with experts on ethics education-related topics. Stay in tune for dates and themes. 

6. Drop us a line telling Arigatou International your unique story and how the Learning to Live Together Programme impacted you or your community, at

7. Participate in our LTLT 10 years Online Celebration (date to be announced). 

8. Share on social media your best photographic memories taken during Learning to Live Together activities (like workshops, meetings or implementations) using #LTLT10years 

9. Help Arigatou International develop the adaptation of the Learning to Live Together Programme to ages 6 to 12 by answering this poll.

10. Give Arigatou International some feedback on how we can better help you advance ethics education for children in your communities. 

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