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null Book Launch: Women's Status and Gender Relations in Post-Genocide Rwanda

As part of a prolonged celebration of the International Women's Day, on 19 March 2018 organised a book launch for the publication Women's Status and Gender Relations in Post-Genocide Rwanda, a doctoral thesis produced by Dr Josephine Mukabera that assesses changes related to women's status and gender relations at the local level of Rwanda, exploring the responsibilities allocated to women in the local government, religious institutions and the family decisions.
The results of the research reflect that the involvement of women in parliament and the governance of Rwanda goes together with the establishment of gender sensitive institutional rules and norms that regulate equal rights and opportunities for both women and men in their roles and relations. Rwanda currently has the highest proportion of women in parliament worldwide, with nearly 64% of seats held by women.
Another conclusion drawn from the book is a notable change of Rwanda society's perceptions related to women's suitability for politics and an increased men's awareness about sharing the domestic roles and family decisions.
Dr Josephine emphasised the need to accompany the gender equality quotas through mechanisms that develop women's self-reliance in thoughts and actions in order to successfully practice a positive discrimination. Another recommendation she made was to promote a genuine dialogue with faith-based organizations (FBOs) to find a way to reform some religious norms that violate women's rights and prevent them from hindering the development process. Women in top leadership roles should initiate such discussion in their respective religious institutions to stimulate change. 
The book launch was open by Director, Obiora Ike, who stressed the importance of writers when they report on what has happened to help humanity to avoid making the same mistakes.


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