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null Call for Papers: Pedagogy, Policy and Technology in a Digital World

Distant education is on trend in today generation. The integrity and monitoring of distant learning is questioned within today's digitalised world whether it is still efficient and relevant as much as face to face traditional methods of education are. It is assumed that with face to face learning, there is control of progress and learning to some extend whereby in distant learning, the exercise is done within numerous other daily tasks and routines.Pedagogy, Policy and Technology in a Digital World.

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) and Indian Institute of Technology (IITB) have both been working in this space for several years now. To understand the impacts and implications of digitisation of the learning spaces, IITB and IIMB are organising the Conference on Future of Learning from 15-16 January 2018 at IIM Bangalore. This event is intended to bring together Indian and global leaders of higher educational institutions,  policymakers, practitioners, technopreneurs on a single platform. This conference aims at promoting dialogues, showcasing innovation and establishing collaborations across three major dimensions of the future of learning; namely pedagogy, policy and technology.

The event is charted out to host multiple plenaries, panel discussions and presentations across three days.


The registrations for the conference will open soon.

Call for papers

We invite papers focussed on the themes of the conference from researchers and practitioners in the digital learning space.  The conference will be organised along academic and practitioner tracks. Papers may be research-based for the academic tracks or practitioner views for the practitioner track. We are expecting an abstract of upto 250 words and papers ranging from 1000-1200 for the same.

  • Pedagogy: This track does a deep dive into the pedagogical aspects of digital learning, such as personalized learning, online assessments, blended learning etc.
    • How can learning platforms come together to answer important questions on how learners learn?
    • What are the best practices  in digital pedagogy to increase learner engagement and retention?
    • How can academic integrity and rigor be maintained in online courses?
  • Policy: This track examines the role of policy makers in transforming our existing traditional educational system to become traditional+digital.
    • What should education policy makers focus on next in 3-5 yrs. How can policy makers work with education service providers?
    • How can the traditional university system adopt and adapt to digital learning? Will bundling the degree work?
    • How can we make our degrees nimble enough to meet ever changing industry requirements?
  • Technology:  This track covers the kinds of technologies needed to address the needs of education for the future, as well a showcase some technologies that have had some positive impact such as MOOC's.
    • What is the role of VR/AR/AI mobile in education?
    • Can technology replace brick and mortar based education?
    • What should be done to build the last mile connect so that the educational technology can create large scale social impact?
  • Last date for submission of abstracts: 15-Nov-2017
  • Notification for selected abstracts: 30-Nov-2017
  • Last date for submission of papers: 15-Dec-2017

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