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null Call for Papers: What's Wrong with Childhood Today?

It sucks to be a kid these days, or so my own kids tell me. I suppose it has always has.

Or has it? And does it have to? What might we be doing wrong?

Psychologists barrage us every day with new theories about how we should be raising our children—as though they have human happiness all figured out. But wait a minute! Happiness is the purview of philosophers, not psychologists, and statistics don't tell us a damn thing about it.

How to live the good life is perhaps the greatest philosophical question ever posed. The answer may be elusive, but one thing is sure:  it starts young, really young. What do kids need to be doing (or not doing) in order to maximize their chance of living well, now and into the future?

You know you have an idea. Now make an argument and find a famous philosopher to back you up.

Philosophy Pathways Electronic Journal wants to publish your article. Its length can be anywhere between 800—4000 words. The target length is 2500 words.

Submit your article by email to me, Guest Editor Sharon Kaye, Professor of Philosophy, John Carroll University, Submissions are due by Monday, 23 December 2013

I will also consider submissions of philosophical fiction and philosophical drawings relevant to the theme.

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