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null Christian Liturgy

Christian Liturgy
A Chinese Catechism of Celebrating
You Bin 游斌
978-2-88931-509-3 (online version)
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Catechism is often perceived as the teaching of old-fashioned doctrines of faith or an authoritarian list of what religious leaders force us to believe. This catechism is a survival package of food called faith. It is fresh water from the source for the daily path of life and for orientation in decision-making. These four volumes of Chinese Catechisms transform the classical core texts of the Christian faith into today's living: the Creed (Vol. 1), the Lord's Prayer (Vol. 2), the Ten Commandments (Vol. 3), and the Liturgy as celebration of Life (Vol. 4). The author You Bin from Beijing offers it from a Chinese perspective as a contribution to intercultural theology. It is a gift to world Christianity and humanity. It is not a Lutheran, Reformed, Catholic, or Anglican Catechism; it is a post-denominational window for living. In this volume 4, the Lord's Prayer is interpreted from a Chinese background and wisdom. Its genius lies in its innovative synthesis of, on the one hand, the liturgy rooted in the ancient rites and traditions of China and, on the other, the ancient traditions of the Church in an ecumenical spirit.