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null Course Registration Opening: Business Ethics for the Real World

Business Ethics for the Real World
Introductory MOOC on business ethics
For working professionals and business students

  • A four-week, self-paced, online course
  • Available from Nov. 4, 2013Feb. 28, 2014

Taught by Kirk O. Hanson, Executive Director - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Register for the Ethics Center's free, Massive Open Online Course, "Business Ethics for the Real World," to be offered through

Taught by Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson, the MOOC provides an understanding of the nature of ethics, the role ethics plays in business, and the most commonly encountered ethical dilemmas in a business career. It provides practical advice on how to identify ethical dilemmas when they arise, how to get enough information to assess one's responsibilities, how to analyze a complex ethical choice, and how to marshal one's own resources and courage to act ethically.

While the course includes some ethical theory, it is designed to be approachable by the seasoned manager, the novice businessperson, and students in business schools. No specific background or preparation is necessary.

Hanson is one of the pioneers of the business ethics field. He holds the John Courtney Murray S.J. University Professorship of Social Ethics at SCU. In 2001, he took early retirement from Stanford University where he taught in the Graduate School of Business for 23 years and is now an emeritus faculty member.