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null Equipped for Ethical Leadership: celebrates sixth semester closing ceremony


Under the theme of Celebrating Ethical Leadership for a Better World, sent off its Autumn Semester 2022 course participants in a solemn virtual closing ceremony held on 20 January 2022.

In her congratulatory address, Academic Dean Amélé Ekué highlighted that “unlike habitual closing ceremonies, does not wish to mark the end of a learning journey, but more so the commencement of change-making ethical leadership”. She invited the successful course participants to serve as committed ambassadors of the new vision, mission and values articulated around ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. A message the organisation’s new Executive Director, Fadi Daou, reinforced in his congratulatory address. He referred to the course programmes as a propitious opportunity to develop a vision for ethical leadership that reconciles qualities of empathy, kindness and optimism with strength, decisiveness and focus. course participants have benefitted from a first-class accompaniment throughout their studies by their expert academic instructors and from the wealth of experience shared with their peers in the discussion fora and live sessions.

For Megan Grindell from South Africa, who attended the Cyber Ethics course, participation meant being prepared for taking a seat at the international discussion table on ethics. Parfait Ekoumé brought to mind how the Interreligious Collaboration for Peace course assisted him in building bridges between different religious communities of his home country Cameroon. These experiences were echoed by Hilary Onuorah from Nigeria, who attended the Cyber Ethics and Responsible Leadership courses and gained from them an exquisite exposure to cutting-edge ethical concepts relevant for his context.

This intentional cross-cultural learning environment that emphasises the transfer of knowledge, competencies and skills into diverse real-life situations, as well as professional and cultural contexts, is also most appealing to instructor Meggy Kantert, who conducted with passion the course on Responsible Leadership. She highlighted the vital importance of role-modelling for ethical behaviour. Gilles Bach, who accompanied the students in three courses this past semester, perceives ethics at the forefront of equipping responsible citizens.

Meera Baindur, who conducted with Heidi Hadsell the course on Interreligious Cooperation for Peace, mentioned the “ethics of community building” as the hallmark of’s mission to nurture the future generation of professionals. She shared her conviction that they will not only focus on their individual career advancement, but more importantly on building values-driven just and peaceful communities. A vital contribution particularly in times of increased antagonisms and conflicts such as these.

Community building is also at the heart of the Academy’s endeavour to allow course participants to stay connected with the organisation, for example by taking part in its international and regional events. In addition, a new engagement space for alumni will soon be established to facilitate a continued exchange between the course participants, instructors and the Academy team. prides itself to cultivate its academic life through events like these and invites past, present and future course participants to persevere in their commitment – and to stay connected with the Academy.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean