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null Essential Approaches to Christian Religious Education: Learning and Teaching in Uganda

Author: Christopher Byaruhanga

ISBN: 978-2-88931-235-1
Series number: Praxis No. 9

Teaching Christian religious education at the lower secondary school level is complex. It involves the interweaving of content knowledge, pedagogical skills, a knowledge and appreciation of the multifaceted nature of students and finally the evaluation skills that help the teacher to arrive at the conclusion that the intended key learning outcomes have been achieved. Personal characteristics too are integral in the overall portrait of a professional Christian religious education teacher, especially for those people who believe that today there is the paradigm shift between providing instruction and producing learning between imparting knowledge and facilitating learning. An examination of the available literature reveals that many books have been written about how religion should be taught in schools. This book is not about any particular religion; it addresses the deficiency of materials related directly to the essential approaches that should be employed when teaching Christian religious education at the lower secondary school level in Uganda.


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