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null Global Ethics Day 2017


Stop Fake Certificates! is joining the Global Ethics Day initiative established by the Carnegie Council, which has been held each year in October since its launch in 2014. Global Ethics Day provides an opportunity for organisations around the world to hold events on or around this day, exploring the meaning of ethics in international affairs.

This year is focusing on The Golden Rule, ‘treating others as you would like to be treated', as the theme for Global Ethics Day.

Did you know that The Golden Rule…

  • Is one of the guiding maxims of ethical development
  • It can be found in most major moral theory frameworks throughout religious and secular thought and
  • While it is expressed in different ways, the underlying principle and question remains the same: ‘How would I feel if someone did this to me?'

To mark this important day, we as an organisation will be sharing various stories and resources on the golden rule, such as:

'Golden Stories'

The main drive behind Global Ethics Day is to get the wider public to engage with and reflect on ethics. We've reached out the international community in Geneva to ask them how they apply the golden rule in their a day-to-day lives. Read their stories here.


"A smile is infectious. In the Asian culture, it's important to..."



"I remember as a small child sharing a treat – a chocolate bar – with my brothers and sisters, we came from a family of..."



"Saying ‘I am sorry' has become meaningless, or a routine sentence. For me, saying sorry means..."



" As a student of philosophy, I first followed the school of ethical philosophy of phenomenology (Scheler, Husserl, etc.) with great enthusiasm, which bases ethics on..."



A Reading List on the Golden Rule

Learn about the Golden Rule and its different origins in history with a specially curated reading list provided by our in-house librarian and philosopher, Dr Ignace Haaz.


Don't miss our blogs which provide a personal narrative on the theme of the Golden Rule written by Globethics's staff.


Règle d'Or, empathie et partage des connaissances (in French)



 Comme étudiant en philosophie, j'ai d'abord suivi avec enthousiasme l'école de philosophie éthique de la phénoménologie (Scheler, Husserl, etc.), qui base l'éthique sur une analyse de l'expérience vécue, fondée sur l'empathie et la compassion, c'est-à-dire sur une compréhension de base de la Règle d'Or... Read more >>

I Began as a Smuggler


At the age of 22, I smuggled theological books from Switzerland to Romania with my girlfriend (now my wife since 42 years) in her car. I was a member of the group "Books Aid" of the theological students in Basel. The communist, atheist country did not allow the import of any religious books. We passed two dangerous border, namely... Read more >>

Have Your Say

Although the Golden Rule might be overlooked sometimes today in our increasingly ideological and polarised societies there are many, including those in our family, who apply it on a daily basis.

We want to hear your stories and thoughts about how you consider and implement the Golden Rule in your day-to-day life, and how this simple method of consideration has helped establish and reinforce your own values.

Please send us your story and thoughts (max 500 words) to or through Facebook or Twitter. We will share a selection of the best posts and stories that we receive with the world through our website and social networks to promote ethics and values for a better today and a better future.

Happy Global Ethics Day 2017!