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null Academy: an academy adapted to your needs

The Academy provides a distance learning opportunity with stand-alone courses or courses that complement on-site training. The courses are organised into four programmes designed to meet the needs of the four main actors in tertiary education, namely: Institutions, Teachers, Students and Professions.
  • The programme aims to provide teachers with skills to design their own curriculum in teaching and researching in ethics in higher education institutions. Teachers can learn to customize their workshops, using Google tools and our online Library research tools to create their own curriculum.
  • Professionals can learn how to create their own portfolio of competences and get certified to move further up the pathway of certification and accreditation. Register here
The E.T.H.I.C.S approach (Empowerment, Transformation, Holistic, Integrity, Competence and Sustainability) includes our philosophy on how to integrate ethics across sectors in taught programmes.
  • Training Programmes include: Training of Teachers on Applied Ethics across sectors, Responsible Leadership, Ethics Quality Management Tools, Ethics and Governance, Ethics and Sustainable Development, Ethics in Higher Education, Ethics in Intercultural Communication, etc. For more information on the range of products available in 2018-2020, please download the catalogue of products edition June 2018 from our website.