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null to attend Balance and Inclusive Education Conference

ForumBIE 2030. Second High-Level Global Forum fro Balanced and Inclusive Education

On 20-22 November 2018, will attend the second ForumBIE 2030 in Mexico City, Mexico organised by the Education Relief Foundation (ERF).

The conference, as stated on event website, carries two objectives: (1) 'to launch formally and distribute the first edition of the Global Guide of Ethics, Principles, Policies and Practices in Balanced and Inclusive Education developed by ERF, and co-authored with international experts and other partners, on the basis of the recommendations received during ERF's 2017 series of Regional Consultation Meetings'; and (2) 'to create a framework of synergy between cross-sectoral stakeholders for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) by concluding the Conference with the International Call for Balanced and Inclusive Education, based upon the Global Guide.' will be represented by Programme Executive Online Ethics Library and Globethics Publications Manager, Dr Ignace Haaz.

ERF became a partner of in 2017 prior to the joint organisation of the Global High-level Forum on Balanced and Inclusive Education, which brought together senior decision makers within governments, development partners, research institutions and civil society organisations. For more information about the ERF UN Education Forum 2017, click here.

For more details about the ForumBIE2030, visit