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null Interested in developing a joint educational project? Consortium member you will benefit from the services and tools developed with other university partners (articulation framework, blended learning, executive career planning, e-campus management, training resources, capacity building leading to certification and accreditation, etc.) 
Since the launch of the Consortium in 2016, a number of joint projects have been identified that aim at the following outcomes:
  • Elaboration of ethics standards and benchmarking for ethical governance and management aiming at ranking and accreditation among Consortium members through the Certification Programme;
  • Creating awareness among teaching professionals on ethics education through our train-the-trainers programme, aiming at certified ethics professional (CEP) qualification label; and
  • Supporting students with tools and resources to access to quality education through our Joint Educational Projects in Ethics in Higher Education aiming at equal opportunities for employment.
Institutional members of the Consortium are invited to submit their proposals on any educational projects that they wish to develop, be it an institutional collection on applied ethics, or a manual on how to develop a Code of Ethics for Higher Education Institutions, or an online module on ethics and governance, or a short course on ethical leadership, etc. The team can be contacted at to set up a preliminary meeting to explore further.