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null International Association for Human Values: 6th Conference on Ethics in Business, November 5-6, 2009

Corporate Culture & Spirituality

5 to 6 November 2009 Brussels, Belgium


The International Business & Leadership Symposium is an annual event which brings together leaders from business, politics, academia, civil society and faith-based organizations to dialogue on new leadership styles that are sustainable and ensure profitability for businesses. It provides a platform for leading minds to share their experiences and expertise on the value of an ethics-based approach to deal with today’s challenges in the global markets. It also examines the impact of this approach on the bottom line.

The Conference from 5th – 6th November 2009 on Ethics in Business – Corporate Culture & Spirituality, will be the fourth to be held at the European Parliament. The Conference is part of the International Business & Leadership Symposium and is an initiative of the International Association for Human Values, a volunteer-based, charitable NGO dedicated to the development and promotion of human values in society.